The first 10 lab partners from across Ontario met today. They are all engaged in the process of developing public infrastructure projects, and negotiating benefits for low-income and equity-seeking communities.

  • Kusma Baker, Toronto Community Benefits Network;
  • Mark Ellerker, Hamilton-Brantford Building Trades Council and Hamilton Community Benefits Network;
  • Frazier Fathers, United Way Windsor-Essex County and the Windsor-Essex Community Benefits Coalition;
  • Heather Marshall, Toronto Environmental Alliance;
  • Olivia O’Connor, ACORN-Canada;
  • Adaoma Patterson, Region of Peel and the Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee;
  • Rosemarie Powell, Toronto Community Benefits Network;
  • Mercedes Sharpe Zayas, Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre and the Parkdale People’s Economy Project;
  • Dusha Sritharan, Toronto Environmental Alliance; and
  • Ashley Reyns, ACORN-Ottawa.

This digital meeting was the springboard for their first face-to-face lab meeting in Moncton (NB) from September 24 – 26, 2018. In addition to the lab, they’ll participate in EconoUs 2018 organized by CCEDNet, the Canadian Community Economic Development Network.

At this national conference, Colette Murphy will moderate a plenary session called “Building a Fairer Economy from the Ground Up”a panel discussion among three city councillors, Matthew Green from Hamilton (ON), Maeva Vilain from Montreal (PQ), and Matthew Brown from Preston (UK). Alejandra Bravo and Mercedes Sharpe Zayas will deliver a “Community Benefits 101” workshop.